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Agneepath may be a story of revenge of Vijay Chauhan against Associate in Nursing evil and sadistic Kaancha, UN agency hangs Vijay’s father to death. Vijay grows up with one aim of avenging his father’s death. The story revolves around Vijay Chauhan, his relationships along with his family and especially, his Revenge.

The best issue concerning the film was it had been on a relentless roll, ne’er attempting to fill in stuff. From the instant we tend to witnessed the little Birju with all his intensity and therefore the minacious Kancha, we tend to knew one thing special was future. this is often the primary time I actually have found Sanjay dutt this alarming ,even a lot of threatening that his Khalnayak Role. Rishi kapoor proves another time why is that the versatile hero of movie industry. no one may have done that rauf lala role higher.

But the one that has season his heart and soul into the film is hrithik. He has expressed such a big amount of moods and emotions in one film, this might be his best role until date. There ar such a big amount of refined tender moments within the film with Hrithik alternating between vengeance(Kancha), comradeship(Gaitaonde)and Joy ( seeing his sister). but every now and then i felt bound scenes were overdone to designedly produce a dramatic result. Ah however thats movie industry.

“Agneepath!!!! Agneepath!!!! Agneepath!!!!” once Hrithik shouts this within the finish the audience is left in awe of with a burst of emotions.

Comparing this to the first are undue as each the flicks have their own charm….but actually the Hrithik version will provide you with full worth for your cash if you’re an admirer of Bollywood/Hrithik.

With every film he will, Hrithik evolves as a stronger actor and he includes a Brobdingnagian fan base which may be seen by the keenness of fans in film screens throughout the country.

Both Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor did a fabulous job of representational process the bad(read evil) guys. And Sanjay Dutt certainly surpasses the over hyped Voldemort through his exceptional acting and dialogue delivery. Priyanka Chopra as Kali was extremely spectacular and typically terribly funny additionally.

The story-line is nothing terribly new, the evil villain kills father so the son avenges his death, however regardless of what percentage times this plot is employed you can’t get bored if the film is in addition created as Agneepath.

As it is made by Karan Johar, there’s no shortage of emotions and colourful filming within the film, and this point the action sequences are terribly spectacular.

The music was smart and therefore the background score was fantastic and in tone with the plot of the film. there’s one thing with revenge that keeps the typical Indian attitude invariably interested and therefore the manufacturers of Agneepath have done a commendable job to produce what the audience desires to ascertain.

Although there can be an excessive amount of violence for those that don’t love action flicks. i do not have any drawback in look violence or comedy therefore clearly the film rocks on behalf of me.

Watch this given that you’ll be able to bear some violence and vindictive emotions.

PS : As everybody is aware of, Katerina Kaif seems within the song Chikni Chameli and believe American state….this lady keeps trying a lot of and a lot of lovable and fascinating…the perfect combination of HOT and SWEET

You shouldn’t surprise why everybody desires to remake an enormous B film. whereas the apparent to mention is that they’re a cult however the reality is we do not have stories, performances and dialogues like that nowadays. a secure trick to drag the audience is to provide them a star-studded remake of a film the continuums of generations swear by.

If you’re a frenzied viewer, you would possibly have felt unhealthy with the fate of Don and Sholay remakes however Agneepath rises. Yash Johar & Mukul Anand are happy with Karan. they’ll opt for either or each.

First of all, it is not a whole remake. it’s its own diversions however it is a wasteful effort to not compare it with the first. Some elements of the remake ar a complete depressant. Not simply the fogeys, I detected the children say – i feel the first was much better.

Sanjay Dutt is that the initial and therefore the biggest disappointment. Tattoos of Shiva, preachings from Geeta, anecdotes from Mahabharat & Ramayan however not one original Khalnayak moment until the last quarter-hour. I bear in mind seeing the promo six months back and everybody spoke of Sanjay Dutt taking the complete pie from Hrithik Roshan – given that he would are a a lot of evil sociopath, psychopath, psychopath.

The next is Chikni Chameli. The creator altogether spoilt the cake. What a sheer waste of Katrina Kaif. The last however not the smallest amount is absence of Krishnan Iyer MA. i would like to feature the long-lasting “Sister Abduction” scene to the list however I perceive that it’s an excessive amount of of a comparison.

There’s not a lot of you’ll say concerning the script/story since it is a remake however to speak concerning the dialogues written by the gifted Piyush Mishra – they’re mediocre. No special marks to the technicals in addition.

Hrithik Roshan is good, most likely the most effective anybody may justify the important VDC. once he cries, feels happy, kills a person, runs, desires revenge, gets contused – it’s beat his eyes, he makes it real enough. He won’t are ready to replace massive B’s perspective however it had been time they used this facet of him than simply wishing on his appearance & moves.

The surprise of the film is Rishi Kapoor. What Associate in Nursing actor! With the intercalary bit of the surma, he created a stronger villain than cake. He ought to have had a much bigger role.

The score of the film is appropriately Maharashtrian, complimenting the film. i do not grasp if you’ve got noticed this however movie industry appears fascinated with the thought of Ganesha songs or others running parallel with murder and comedy scenes.

Apart from Kancha, everyone’s performance has taken the film a notch higher and as luck would have it there aren’t any stupid-yet-intentional-because-audience-loves-it additions. coming back from Karan Johar, romance and slickness provides thanks to raw.

It’s a nice remake and whereas you watch it strive arduous to not compare it with the first Agneepath, Agneepath, Agneepath.

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Agneepath 2012 Hindi Full Movie Download Web-Dl 720p