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Bewakoofiyaan (English: Stupidities) may be a 2014 Indian romantic comedy film directed by Nupur Asthana, written by Habib king and created by Aditya Chopra underneath the banner of Yash rule Films. It options Ayushmann Khurrana, Sonam Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor in lead roles. The film free on fourteen March 2014.

Mohit Chadha (Ayushmann Khurrana) learns the way to drive a automobile on the morning of his promotion from Junior government in promoting to Senior government. He goes for lunch with Mayera (Sonam Kapoor) once the promotion, wherever he proposes to her. Meanwhile, Mayera’s father, V.K. Sehgal (Rishi Kapoor), is transferred to agriculture. V.K. Sehgal doesn’t approve of their wedding, as he thinks Mohit wouldn’t be ready to give for her and provides her happiness. V.K. goes to Mohit’s workplace and challenges him: if he passes a check, then he will marry Mayera. He calls Mohit to the club on a daily basis to play squash. V.K. gets a retirement gift from all his workers.

When V.K. sees on the news that Mohit has lost his job, he visits Mayera’s workplace to check if it’s true. Mayera calls Mohit, and, not being there, Imi picks up his phone and talks to her. Mayera fakes reprehension Mohit ahead of her pappa and acts like his job is safe. Mayera goes to his workplace, wherever she sees him provide AN interview and pulls him away. V.K. inquires concerning Mohit from the police concerning criminal cases. Mayera emails Mohit an inventory of vacant jobs. He offers interviews at completely different places however is rejected everyplace. once he’s at AN interview, Mayera’s father calls and says he’s coming back to Mohit’s workplace. once Imi distracts him, Mohit quickly goes the opposite approach, reaches another cubicle, and leaves to own lunch with V.K., where V.K. shows him his criminal case list. Mohit doesn’t have cash to get lunch, and V.K. pays, however as a result of his card isn’t operating, he’s unable to come cash. Mohit receives calls from everyplace to come money; he calls Mayera and he or she offers him ₹50,000.

The next night at Mayera’s birthday, Mohit greets her with a kiss. Next day, once Mohit asks Mayera for cash for his living accommodations. She doesn’t have it, and that they have a fight. Mohit sells his automobile, offers Mayera her a refund, and that they break-up. an equivalent day, V.K. calls Mohit and Mayera, as he got AN interview decision and engagement rings; V.K. learns that he’s unemployed. Mohits leaves his living accommodations, rents a smaller place, and joins a restaurant. Meanwhile, Mayera accepts a metropolis transfer and goes there for every week. once she returns, she shows her pappa their new living accommodations and removes their passports. He goes to Mohit’s recent workplace and asks Imi wherever he’s. Imi takes him to the automobile garage manager, UN agency takes them to the restaurant . V.K. visits the restaurant and orders food cheaply. V.K. tells Mohit that Mayera goes to metropolis. Back reception, their maid, Radha starts crying. Mohit goes to their house and screams out for Mayera; V.K. lectures him, and Mohit tells V.K. that he’s being bad. Mayera tells her pappa that it’s enough, and Mohit may be a National Level underneath sixteen silver medalist in squash however still unbroken losing to V.K. She tells him that she doesn’t celebrate looking while not him as a result of there’s no one to mention, “Very Hot, Khaa Jau Tere Ko”. V.K. prepares for the interview in a very suit with four pockets, then changes garments, and goes to Mohit’s living accommodations to urge a tie. The couple attend the restaurant, where V.K. comes back because the business executive of the corporate.

The film was declared in December 2012.[3] Bewakoofiyaan was written by Habib king (of Ishaqzaade fame) and directed by Nupur Asthana (of Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge fame). it’s a “slice of life” film, set throughout a recession. Ayushmann Khurrana’s and Sonam Kapoor’s characters area unit represented as being “passionately in love” and believe that their love will facilitate them survive. However, Kapoor’s father powerfully disagrees.[4]

Ayushmann Khurrana, Sonam Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor were solid in December 2013. Ayushmann and Sonam area unit paired opposite one another for the primary time, with Rishi Kapoor solid within the role of Sonam Kapoor’s father.[3]

Shooting began in Gregorian calendar month 2013[5] in Delhi and Gurgaon.[6][7] a part of the photography passed in metropolis. The sound recording was composed by Raghu Dixit, whereas the lyrics were enclosed by Anvita Dutt, except wherever noted. Dixit was the music musician for Asthana’s last film, Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge.[11] The song “O Heeriye” may be a bonus track on the sound recording.

Taran Adarsh of film industry Hungama praised it, speech communication the film was a “pleasant surprise” with “super performances of [sic] Rishi, Ayushmann and Sonam, watertight writing, versatile direction and dollops of humor.” Ultimately, he gave 4.5 out of five stars.[12] Saibal Chatterjee in his review for NDTV represented the film to get “with its disarming simplicity” thereby “never but watchable”.[13] Tushar Joshi reviewing for Daily News and Analysis explicit it to miss out on the “opportunity to be smarter and funnier” by enjoying “too safe to rise on top of the ordinary”.[14] Madhureeta Mukherjee in her review for the days of Bharat explicit the film to own its share of beauty however falters with a helpless script”.

In a review for geographical area Times by Anupama Chopra explicit , “This is one among those films that does not either offend or interact. It simply goes on, in a bland, listless manner, till we have a tendency to hit with happiness ever once.” She praised Khuranna’s performance, saying, “The strongest performance here is Ayushmann’s. His anger and frustration at losing the great life area unit palpable.” regarding Sonam Kapoor’s performance, she said, “Sonam appearance beautiful. She {attempts|makes AN attempt|tries} to imbue Mayera with some texture however it’s an uphill climb.

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