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Bhoothnath Returns (The Lord of Ghosts Returns) could be a 2014 Indian supernatural political comedy film directed by Nitesh Tiwari and created by Bhushan Kumar. A sequel to 2008 film Bhoothnath, the film revolves around Bhoothnath (Amitabh Bachchan) WHO is mocked in an exceedingly Bhoothworld for his inability to scare kids before being sent back to Earth to redeem himself. The film was discharged on eleven April 2014, and declared mutually of the best grossers in step with Box workplace Republic of India.[3][4]

Election Commission of Republic of India demanded untaxed standing for Bhoothnath Returns, stating, “The state governments ought to support the sturdy social message that emanates from the film. Granting untaxed standing to the current film would build folks privy to their rights as electors like creating voter ID cards or not treating election day as holiday”.[5] The state Government has declared untaxed standing to film on thirty April 2014.

The plot is coupled with the previous film Bhoothnath. once Bhoothnath, though his real name within the 2 films is Kailash Nath, (Amitabh Bachchan) enters the Bhoothworld, (a ghosts’ world) he’s mocked and questioned regarding his skills as a ghost as he was unsuccessful to scare any kid. To redeem himself, he returns to Republic of India wherever he tries his best to scare kids however is unsuccessful together with his makes an attempt as kids became sturdy physically and mentally and conjointly mean in giving unhealthy words. However, a boy named Akhrot (Parth Bhalerao) will see him in his true kind. Akhrot isn’t petrified of Bhoothnath, however helps him to scare many kids. In return, he asks Bhoothnath to act petrified of him and to run aloof from a haunted house whereas he chants mantras ahead of his friends, in order that his friends will settle for him in their cricket team. Bhoothnath decides to assist him any by serving to him earn cash by giving ghosts living in under-construction high rises peace by fulfilling the needs they were still staying back on Earth as ghosts for. within the method, they are available to understand why the ghosts died, and facilitate their families get insurance cash by scaring corrupt insurance officers. within the method, he gets to understand regarding Bhau (Boman Irani), a former criminal WHO is currently a corrupt politician. when having seen the number of corruption in Republic of India and inspired by Akhrot, Bhoothnath decides to contest the future elections. Soon, the contention between Bhoothnath and Bhau heats up, to the extent that Bhoothnath sacrifices his powers to win. sooner or later before the elections, a rally is to be command by Bhoothnath to encourage a high turnout on polling day. Bhau’s men threaten to kill Akhrot unless he prevents the rally from happening, however Akhrot refuses and is prepared to face the implications. On the day of the rally, Bhau’s men injure Akhrot grievously for his non-compliance, that makes Bhoothnath leave his rally to be with Akhrot within the hospital. He goes to the Bhoothworld and begs for Akhrot’s life. They tell him that if Bhoothnath wins the election, they’ll spare Akhrot’s life. Meanwhile, Bhau uses Bhoothnath’s absence at the rally to his advantage and tries to influence the audience to vote for him. However, on polling day, the bulk of the general public vote for Bhoothnath. following day, Bhootnath sees Akhrot’s heartbeat rising and realises that he won the election. The film ends with Akhrot restitution consciousness and everyone celebrating the success of Bhoothnath.

The film score was composed by Hitesh Sonik whereas the songs featured within the film were composed by Ram Sampath, Meet Bros Anjjan and Palash Muchhal. Yo Yo Honey Singh conjointly composed one promotional song for the film that remarked as its 1st collaboration with Amitabh Bachchan.

Taran Adarsh from film industry Hungama gave the flick three.5 stars and aforementioned that “Bhoothnath Returns is formed with noble intentions and also the message it conveys resonates within the second hour”.[9] Suprateek Chatterejee from 1st Post referred to as it “a should look ahead to kids” and located that it’s “shamelessly artful moments square measure tempered with deliberate humour”.[10] A Filmfare reviewer found that the “strength of this film is in its writing” and praised Amitabh Bachchan for his performance while giving the flick three stars.[11] Rohit Khilnani of Republic of India these days, gave the flick three.5/5 stars and aforementioned, “There isn’t any doubt that Bhoothnath can entertain cine-goers. It’s diversion, Bachchan style!

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