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Eega (lit. The Fly) could be a 2012 Indian bilingual fantasy film written by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad and directed by his son, S. S. Rajamouli. it absolutely was made by Korrapati Ranganatha Sai’s Varahi Chalana Chitram with associate calculable budget of ₹260 to four hundred million (US$3.99–6.14 million), and was created at the same time in Telugu and Tamil, the latter as Naan electrical engineering (lit. I, Housefly). The film stars Sudeep, Nani, and Samantha Ruth Prabhu. M. M. Keeravani composed the audio recording and score. K. K. Senthil Kumar was director of photography and Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao emended the film. Janardhan Maharshi and Crazy Mohan wrote the dialogue for the Telugu and Tamil versions, severally.

The narrative of Eega is within the sort of a hour story told by a father to his female offspring. Its protagonist is Nani, World Health Organization is loving together with his neighbour Bindu. Nani is dead by a moneyed man of affairs named Sudeep, World Health Organization is drawn to Bindu and considers Nani a rival. Nani reincarnates as a Musca domestica and tries to safeguard Bindu whereas avenging his death.

The idea for the film originated within the Nineties from a voice communication within which Prasad joked with Rajamouli concerning the thought of a fly seeking revenge against a person’s. Rajamouli reconsidered the thought once finishing Maryada Ramanna (2010), and Prasad developed it into a script. The film’s production began on seven Gregorian calendar month 2010 at Ramanaidu Studios in Hyderabad. Principal photography began on twenty two Gregorian calendar month 2011 and continued till late Gregorian calendar month 2012. Makuta VFX and Annapurna Studios oversaw Eega’s visual effects and digital intermediate method, severally.

The two versions of the film, aboard a Malayalam-dubbed version titled Eecha, were free on six Gregorian calendar month 2012 in around one,100 screens globally. The performances of the principal forged, Rajamouli’s direction, and visual effects received important acclaim upon unleash. Eega was one among the highest-grossing Telugu films of the year, earning quite ₹1.25 billion (US$19.2 million). Its Hindi-dubbed version, Makkhi, that was free on twelve October 2012, had not achieved equivalent business success as of Gregorian calendar month 2015.[7] Eega won 2 National Film Awards (Best moving-picture show in Telugu and Best Special Effects), 5 Filmfare Awards, and 3 South Indian International flick Awards. it absolutely was screened at the Toronto once Dark fete, the Shanghai International fete, and also the national capital International fete.

A lassie World Health Organization is unable to sleep asks her father to inform her a hour story. though reluctant initially, he tells her a story of a fly named Nani.

Nani could be a young man World Health Organization specialises in getting ready fireworks. he’s loving together with his neighbour Bindu, a small creator World Health Organization runs Project 511, a non-governmental organisation (NGO). Bindu additionally develops feelings for Nani tho’ she doesn’t categorical them. Seeking to lift cash for her nongovernmental organization, Bindu visits the workplace of an upscale, powerful man of affairs named Sudeep, World Health Organization additionally finds her engaging. He befriends her, donates ₹1.5 million (US$23.03 thousand), and gains her trust. Sudeep sees Nani as a rival and plans to kill him. One night, Nani helps Bindu to end a chunk of small art—a case made of a pencil. whereas returning home, he’s kidnaped by Sudeep, World Health Organization kills him, creating his death seem like associate accident. Unaware of the incident, Bindu proposes to the dying Nani by telephone; it’s the final thing Nani hears before he’s reincarnated as a Musca domestica that can’t bear in mind its previous life.

The fly’s memory is triggered once it encounters Sudeep and Bindu. Sudeep asks the brokenhearted Bindu to accompany him to Indian capital to satisfy the education minister; if she will impress the minister with a presentation concerning the nongovernmental organization, he would possibly facilitate it gain national recognition. The fly causes Sudeep to possess associate accident on his thanks to the aerodrome and writes “I can kill you” on the windshield; this makes Sudeep paranoid. The fly, World Health Organization sees Bindu mourning Nani’s death in her bedchamber, reveals itself to be Nani by writing on the table together with her tears. It conveys the circumstances of Nani’s death to Bindu, and that they get together against Sudeep. The latter’s obsession with the fly affects his skilled and private life. in a very chain of events, his cash is burnt to ashes, going away him virtually pinched.[c]

Sudeep learns from a occultist that Nani is reincarnated as a fly and seeks revenge. Sudeep arranges to kill Nani however the fly escapes and causes a brief circuit, killing the occultist and going away Sudeep unconscious. Nani and Bindu assume Sudeep is dead however he’s saved by his business partner. Sudeep is furious once he learns that Bindu helps the fly. Sudeep kills his partner to gather a ₹7 billion (US$107.49 million) contract.

Sudeep takes Bindu to his home and Nani follows them. Nani seriously injures Sudeep with a needle. The latter clips Nani’s wing and fatally stabs him with identical needle. Nani jumps through the flame of a burning match then into a loaded cannon, that fires. The projectile passes through Sudeep associated hits an element cylinder, that explodes and kills him. Bindu takes the fly’s wing associated makes an charm with it. sooner or later once travel to figure, associate eve teaser bothers her; Nani, once more regenerate as a fly, attacks him with a needle before asserting his come.

The lassie is affected with the story of the fly her father narrates. the thought for Eega originated within the late Nineties in film writer K. V. Vijayendra Prasad’s mind. At that point, he was humourous a couple of Musca domestica seeking revenge on a person’s in a very voice communication together with his son S. S. Rajamouli.[9] Prasad later developed the thought as a script for associate English-language film set in decennary America, within which associate African-American boy dies in an endeavor to free his family from slavery and is reincarnated as a fly.[10] once finishing Maryada Ramanna (2010), Rajamouli reconsidered the thought once thinking of directional a movie that was distinct from the other.[11] He set to create Eega a bilingual film in Telugu and Tamil – every scene together with speech was recorded double, once for every language.[12] The Tamil version, titled Naan electrical engineering, was Rajamouli’s directorial debut in Tamil cinema.[13] The film was bestowed by Daggubati Suresh man of Suresh Productions.[14][d]

For the primary time in his career, Rajamouli began casting once the script was completed as a result of he felt the story needed actors World Health Organization were appropriate for the roles.[12] Nani, the protagonist, was the primary of the 3 of the most forged members to be chosen;[3] he completed picture taking his scenes in twenty five days.[16][e] Samantha Ruth Prabhu, the second actor forged,[3] was signed because the feminine lead.[17] Rajamouli selected Sudeep to play the fly’s human somebody once being affected with the actor’s performance in Rann (2010),[12] and forged rapper Christmas Sean as Nani’s friend within the film.[18] Sudeep player inspiration for his role because the villain from the 1983 Kanarese film Bhakta Prahlada;[19][20] he was representational process a personality he thought-about to be a “bad guy” with “grey shades” instead of associate antagonist.[20]

The script was doctored by Rajamouli’s brother, S. S. Kanchi,[21] whereas Janardhan Maharshi and Crazy Mohan wrote the dialogue for the Telugu and Tamil versions severally, marking their initial collaboration with Rajamouli.[22][23] James Fowlds was at first chosen because the film’s director of photography,[24] however was replaced by K. K. Senthil Kumar thanks to inventive variations and programing conflicts.[25] M. M. Keeravani composed the film’s audio recording and score,[26][f] Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao emended the film,[28] Ravinder Reddy was its stage director,[29] and Rajamouli’s spouse Rama worked on the costume style.[30]

Production of the film began with a proper launch ceremony on seven Gregorian calendar month 2010 in Hyderabad.[31] the first version was recorded over a six-month amount and price nearly ₹110 million; Rajamouli felt the standard of the fabric was poor and began once more.[12][g] The film’s final budget was calculable at between ₹260 and ₹400 million.

The soundtracks of electrical engineeringga and Naan Ee, every consisting of 5 songs—one of that could be a remixed version of the film’s title song—were composed by M. M. Keeravani.[64][f] Keeravani aforesaid as a result of the film’s theme of revenge and also the protagonist (a housefly) square measure universal ideas, his “only challenge” was making certain the music didn’t have a “distinct ethnic or regional flavour” and “appeal”.[65] He incorporated the noisy sound created by flies into the score and exaggerated or reduced it in line with a scene’s emotional nature.[65] Rajamouli approached Madhan Karky to jot down the lyrics for Naan Ee’s audio recording once the discharge of Enthiran (2010), explaining the importance of every song within the film’s narrative. likewise as providing elaborated profiles of the characters, Rajamouli enacted a couple of scenes, that helped Karky write the lyrics.[66]

Eega’s audio recording was free on thirty March 2012 at a promotional event at Shanti Sarovar, Brahma Kumaris’ academy in Gachibowli, a suburban area of Hyderabad.[67][68] The audio recording for Naan electrical engineering was free on one Gregorian calendar month at another promotional event at Sathyam Cinema in metropolis.[69] Eega’s audio recording unleash on iTunes was delayed till three Gregorian calendar month to avoid piracy and black-market downloads.[70]

Writing for The Hindu, Sangeetha Hindu deity Dundoo referred to as the audio recording “melodious … sharply contrasted by the background score, that seamlessly moves from sober to elvish to pulsating”.[71] Another critic for The Hindu, S. R. Ashok Kumar praised Vijay Prakash’s rendition of “Konjam Konjam”.[72] Kumar appreciated the employment of violins in “Eedaa Eedaa” and referred to as “Lava Lava” “a sensible number”.[64] Karthik Pasupulate of the days of Bharat wrote that Keeravani “just looks to order his best for [Rajamouli]”, line the audio recording “one of his finest”.

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