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In the dark world of intelligence and undercover work, all data is guarded within the name of national security. however some stories escape the ferociously guarded classified files, stories that become legends. this can be one such story, a story that cask the terribly foundation of this dark world. during a government employees’ neighbourhood in New Delhi, there lived a rugged, handsome and mysterious bachelor regarding whom his neighbours knew nothing. That was as a result of he was India’s prime spy, an official with the analysis and Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s external intelligence service. This man was notable even in official corridors as TIGER (Salman Khan). Tiger is distributed on a comparatively simple and safe mission to capital of Ireland, eire to watch a person of Indian origin United Nations agency is suspected of sharing his analysis findings with the Asian country defence institution. Tiger tries to satisfy the person however isn’t winning. He tries to tie the scientist’s half time home caretaker, Zoya (Katrina Kaif). As Tiger begins…

The Most anticipated pic of the year 2012, Yash dominion Films initial Project with Salman Khan, Directed by national capital categorical & New York’s a lot of celebrated Director Kabir Khan, with Katrina ‘Bankable’ Kaif as feminine lead, conjointly massive names like Girish Karnad, Roshan Seth & Ranvir Shorey HAS ARRIVED, with a BANG!

Salman khan, the foremost bankable star on box workplace these days, with four previous movies creating over a hundred crores every, is that the real whiz of single screen additionally as multiplexes these days. in step with a well-liked belief in screenland recently, If you get Salman’s name related to your pic, it’ll move on box workplace. Ek tha Tiger, was being talked regarding from the terribly day the project was proclaimed. Salman’s fans were desperate to watch the pic, supported the lifetime of a spy, expecting a action packed pic. Critics but wished to observe what Yash dominion & Kabir has got to provide, and can Salman deliver one thing completely different, one thing extraordinary?

The story is straightforward, A winning spy falls soft on throughout a mission, following a lead he discovers his love is really a Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agent . They half solely to satisfy once more throughout a world peace summit, a dance ends up in one thing massive, Lovers go missing each RAW move. Script of the pic keeps you wanting a lot of, holds you there with a curious mind asking, whats next? book is commendable, being a Kabir Khan pic, it absolutely was expected. ETT has been shot on stunning locations like eire, Cuba & Turkey. filming is nice, Music is gaining quality with time, few songs like Banjara, Mashaallah & Laapata area unit already chart busters. however the largest issue which will build critics judgement this pic feel sensible, is that the performances by each Salman and Katrina. communicative they each area unit, associate degreed deliver an exceptional performance simply what was needed for this pic.

However in contrast to his previous movies, wherever Salman was seen doing out of the globe (read South inspired) action, this pic had associate degree action director United Nations agency has been stunt organiser in movies like King Kong, Iron man, Ghost Rider, The Bourne demand, Mission: not possible etc. thus the action scenes appearance appealing and Not out of the globe. The chase scene has been shot rather well and you may realize audience applauding throughout it. but for single screen audience United Nations agency were looking forward to an entire action pic, it might be a group back, as a result of the director wished to point out the various aspect of a spy with the exception of his duty.

On a final note, it’s an honest script, commendable performance and sensible direction that creates Ek tha Tiger a pic value looking at. And affirmative the YRF guys have discharged it during a gala atmosphere, therefore remove time and go watch the pic. Thumbs up from ME.

Where do i Start? Whatta MINDBLOWING film.Like Romance? Ek Tha Tiger has it.Like Drama? Ek Tha Tiger has it.Like Action and Stunts? Ek Tha Tiger has it and in Abundance amount. Like World Music? Ek Tha Tiger has it. Like Comedy? Ek Tha Tiger has it. Like heroic tale and Suspense? Ek Tha Tiger has it throughout.I will Segregate the Review by Rating the various Departments.

Acting- Salman Khan is Baap of all Actors and nonetheless maintains his Natural outlook towards acting that is spontaneous. Its Sheer Fun and Pleasure to observe him On Screen during this Larger than Life Character United Nations agency is beautiful, Cute, Brave and a Hero because the scenario demands.I am positive though you’re not a Salman Khan fan, you may convert and become one. Welcome to the Club. Katrina Kaif has sure improved plenty and Acts with Grace and is convincing as Zoya.

Cinematography- The filming of this Film is SPLENDID. it’s been shot in several Countries specifically Republic of Iraq, India, Ireland, Cuba and Constantinople. All the Locations look Surreal and Out of the globe on screen. The DOP has captured each frame with Heart and its apparent on screen. you may fall soft on with the locations.

Direction- The Direction is prime notch and really Kabir Khan is aware of however he desires his Film to Progress and culminate swimmingly and has a good vision of creating a extremely industrial romance and the way he wish to inform his Story to the Audience.

Music- The Background music is that the Main and a Key issue of the Film. The Background music plays a large role in creating Ek Tha Tiger therefore Mindblowing. after all you may not relish associate degree climax as you may relish the Background music. The songs area unit sensible too.Banjaara,Saiyaara and Mashallah area unit excellent Example of World Music. Laapata is shot fantastically within the Lavish locales of Cuba.

Writing- The Writing is sensible and it manages to inform a extremely sophisticated and contentious story during a industrial and a motion picture Format. Dialouges area unit terribly nice too.

Production Values- As i aforesaid, The Locations area unit Shot fantastically and appears Splendid on Screen. the assembly Values area unit Superior.

Action- The Stunts and Action Scenes of Ek Tha Tiger area unit excellent. In fact, Audiences haven’t seen such a Out Of Box and innovative Action Scenes in any films until now- Not even in Hollywood. Salman Khan appearance convincing whereas playing them since he has a bigger than Life persona. The stunts area unit On Bike, Helicopter, Car, Train and Ship. The Stunt and Action area unit all Adrenalin pumping and makes the Audience excited.

Though i have to Admit that the first 0.5 was Lil Boring and was like every alternative YRF film that had attention on Emotions and Drama however once the ordinal 0.5 Started it absolutely was a Rollercoster Ride in literal Sense. jittery and engrossing last half. i’m positive Salman Khan modified the complete ordinal 0.5 to suit his Fans Sensibilities and created it Kickass and awe-inspiring.Salman Bhai really is aware of what his fans wish and has created it simply the approach it ought to be.

Overheard once the film- “Aree Salman Bhai ne Kya Film banayi hai” “Isliye toh hum sab Salman Bhai se itna Pyaar Karte hai”

Guys, Fasten your Seat belts and acquire able to Witness a SUPERAWESOMEMINDBLOWING Film. do not miss it, Its a lot of addictive than medicine and therefore the expertise is like Total Nirvana.

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Ek Tha Tiger 2012 Hindi Full Movie Download Web-Dl 720p