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I Am could be a 2011 Indian compendium film by Onir. It consists of 4 short films: “Omar”, “Afia”, “Abhimanyu”, and “Megha”. every film shares the common theme of worry, and every film is predicated on real-life stories. The film was supported by donations from quite four hundred completely different individuals round the world,[4] several of whom given through social networking sites like Facebook.[5] There square measure four stories however the characters square measure interlacing with every story. “Abhimanyu” is predicated on ill-treatment, “Omar” on gay rights, “Megha” is concerning Kashmiri Pandits and “Afia” deals with sperm cell donation. i’m was free with subtitles altogether regions as six completely different languages square measure spoken within the film: Hindi, English, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Kashmiri.

“Afia” – one lady Afiaa (Nandita Das) decides to become a mother employing a sperm cell donor. She could be a internet designer by profession. She had been pushing her husband Manav Manav Kaul for a toddler however Manav leaves her as a result of he loves another woman. She then decides to own a child on her own, through a tube baby. She visits a Doctor Basu’s Anurag Basu clinic and asks the doctor to supply her a lot of details of the Donor. She meets Suraj (Purabh Kohli) and asks him few queries whereby Suraj feels awkward. Later, she goes ahead with the sperm cell donation and tube baby and offers Suraj some reward as thanks gift. Suraj in a well mannered way declines however hands her over his telephone number. In last scene, they show a smiling Afiaa tearing the note on that Suraj’s telephone number was written.[8] “Megha” – nearly twenty years when departure geographic area, Kashmiri Pandit Megha (Juhi Chawla) returns home on a business trip to search out her childhood Muslim friend Rubina (Manisha Koirala) has suffered too.[9] “Megha” is impressed by Sanjay Suri’s reality experiences in geographic area.[10] “Abhimanyu” – Abhimanyu (Sanjay Suri), a fortunate director, is haunted by reminiscences of statutory offence as a toddler.[11] He should agitate his dark reminiscences at the same time as he struggles along with his sexual identity. “Abhimanyu” is predicated on the experiences of tailor Ganesa Nallari and gay rights activist Harish Iyer.[12] “Omar” – Jai, from city, (Rahul Bose) meets Omar, a troubled actor in Mumbai, (Arjun Mathur). They flirt and have dinner along and so fuck at a public place. A police officer (Abhimanyu Singh) comes and manhandles them each and threatens Jai to show him in underneath Section 377 of the Indian legal code and blackmails into giving one hundred,000 Rupees as bribe. Omar goes with Jai’s ATM card to draw cash, meantime the police officer rapes Jai. Omar returns with fifty,000 Rupees, that the police officer takes beside each Jai and Omar’s cellphones. Then he takes Omar beside him against protests of Jai (A hint of the police officer intenting to rape Omar). in a while Jai meets Omar once more during a edifice and tell him that later that night, Jai had gone and woke a giant professional and went with him to the police office to urge Omar free solely to search out that Omar was ne’er there and so he accomplished that Omar was a district of setup to extort cash from Jai.[13][14] “Omar” is impressed by stories and analysis material provided by the web portal Gay urban center.

Onir initial developed a thought for a brief film whereas in Berlin, Germany. He later determined to create four shorts as he had too several concepts to suit into only 1 film.[15] “Abhinmanyu” was originally written as a full-length film stellar Karisma Kapoor in her comeback, however when she force out Onir modified the most character to a male and turned it into a brief film.[16] The shorts were shot on location in Srinagar (“Megha”), Mumbai (“Omar”), city (“Abhimanyu”) and Calcutta (“Afia”). The “Afia” phase was originally meant to explore corruption in NGOs, however Onir determined to specialize in sperm cell donation instead. throughout location shooting in Srinagar for the “Megha” phase, the crew was attacked by rocks and received terror threats and had to shift to Karan Nagar. Onir came back later underneath the color of a documentary film producer to capture extra footage.

Onir raised funding from not solely the film’s stars, however conjointly from members of the overall public from round the world. exploitation Twitter and Facebook, Onir offered backers co-production credit within the film and a share within the profits. folks that given quite Rs.100,000 became co-producers with a share in profits whereas those that contributed not up to Rs.100,000 received a mention within the credits. individuals have sent their contributions from European country, the USA, Nigeria and Australia.[18] i’m is that the initial thought Hindi film that’s crowd-sourced through social networking sites. Over four hundred individuals from forty five cities across the planet created this film happen by volunteering or causative financially.

Many of the participants within the film worked for free; Juhi Chawla, Manisha Koirala and Anurag Kashyap didn’t draw salaries and Manish Malhotra designed the film’s costumes at no cost.[19] Fashion designers like Manish Arora and Aki Narula have created costumes out there at no cost, whereas actors and his friends Juhi Chawla and Sanjay Suri, and director Anurag Kashyap have supported him with concepts.[20] Juhi Chawla and Purab Kohli conjointly financially contributed to the stories within the pic.

I Am had its performance at the I read fete in ny town. It screened at many alternative film festivals just like the International fete of Kerala and therefore the Vancouver International fete.[22][23] i’m was originally scheduled for theatrical unharness in India and Australia on twenty two Gregorian calendar month 2011, however Onir modified it to twenty nine Gregorian calendar month.[3] to push the discharge of the film, Onir has started a script writing contest wherever the authors of the ten best scripts can win a gathering with him to pitch their screenplays.[24][25] i’m can have a staggered unharness internationally starting in New island, and so moving to the North American country, Canada and Europe.

The sound recording for i’m was free on eight Gregorian calendar month 2011 on Sony Music. The songs square measure composed by Amit Trivedi, Rajiv Bhalla and Vivek Phillip with lyrics by Amitabh Verma and Amitabh Bhattacharya.

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