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Iru Mugan (English: Two-faced) may be a 2016 Indian Tamil-language fantasy action film[3] written and directed by Anand Ravi Shankar. The film stars Vikram in twin roles, Nayantara and Nithya Menen within the lead roles, whereas Nassar, Thambi Ramaiah, Karunkaran and Riythvika seem in supporting roles. Having more experienced many changes in pre-production of forged and producers, the film began shooting in December 2015.[4] The film was at the same time dubbed into Telugu as Inkokkadu and was free worldwide on eight September 2016. In 2017, it absolutely was dubbed into Hindi as International Rowdy.

An senior Malaysian man suddenly goes flight and kills many Indian officers in an exceedingly span of 5 minutes at the Indian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before collapsing. A tattoo of a love image is gift at the rear of his neck, leading RAW officers to conclude that it’s the piece of work of a criminal man of science named Love, whose identity and whereabouts square measure unknown to anyone except Akhilan Vinod (Vikram), a suspended RAW agent whose spouse Meera Saint George (Nayantara), a number one laptop analyst at RAW, was killed by Love four years agone. RAW chief leader (Nassar) tracks down Akhilan and convinces him to hitch the investigation. On viewing the video footage of the attack, Akhilan involves the conclusion that the senior Asian nationn man had taken a mysterious performance-enhancing drug that allowed him to attack the Indian officers and decides to analyze the matter more in Malaysia. Since Akhilan is underneath suspension, leader assigns him as a deputy to a junior RAW agent Aayushi (Nithya Menen), World Health Organization is formally appointed to handle the case, and also the 2 of them leave for Kuala Lumpur.

In Kuala Lumpur, Akhilan associate degreed Aayushi learn that the mysterious drug is inhaled victimisation an respiratory illness inhalator. more investigations lead them to Peter (Karunakaran), a man of science World Health Organization is on Love’s payroll. Peter turns authority and tells them regarding the drug, that is termed “Speed”. The drug causes an individual World Health Organization inhales it to own extraordinary strength for 5 minutes before falling unconscious, and if the person inhales the drug once more at intervals a couple of hours, he/she can suffer an enormous heart failure. Peter conjointly reveals that a cargo of Speed inhalers is to be sent to like at intervals succeeding fifteen minutes. Akhilan and Aayushi pursue the lorry carrying the inhalers. however a lorry driver inhales Speed and subdue the couple, World Health Organization square measure then taken to Love’s den. As Akhilan moves to arrest Love (Vikram), World Health Organization seems to be transgender, he’s knocked out by none but Meera, World Health Organization is shockingly still alive, has been operating for Love as a laptop hacker, and currently goes by the name of Rosy. it’s then discovered that Meera suffers from amnesia when being shot within the head four years agone which Love took advantage of her scenario to use her as a laptop hacker. She has no mind of her own, following no matter Love says. However, once Love orders her to kill Akhilan and Aayushi, she instead points the gun at Love, and calls the police, World Health Organization arrest Love. Meera then reveals that she had been forced to require Speed by like to work quicker, however the drug caused her previous reminiscences, together with those with Akhilan, to return, and she or he presently regained her full memory when continuous use of the drug.

Love manages to get a Speed inhalator whereas in custody and inhales it, serving to her to flee and destroy the complete police headquarters, killing everybody gift together with Aayushi. Akhilan finds out that Love had created a satellite decision to Yangtze, the Transport Minister of Asian nation World Health Organization had allowed like to send shipments of Speed inhalers to Bharat to pull terror attacks there reciprocally for cash. He rushes to the hospital wherever Yangtze is admitted and interrogates him. throughout the interrogation, Love sneaks into the hospital and activity within the AC vent, sprays a toxin gas in Chang’s space, inflicting Akhilan and Yangtze to induce paralysed. She then kills Yangtze and puts the knife on Akhilan’s hand, framing him as Chang’s assassin. currently a wished criminal, Akhilan, despite being paralysed, somehow manages to flee from the hospital and also the Malaysian police.

Akhilan and Meera then commit to shut down Love once and for all victimisation Love’s kill switch activation device that had been fixed and hidden by Aayushi before she was killed. However, because the device will solely be opened with Love’s fingerprint, they arrange on getting her fingerprint. They sneak into associate degree prohibited facility closely-held by Yangtze, wherever Love is aiming to leave for Bharat with the shipments of Speed inhalers. Akhilan inhales Speed and fights Love, World Health Organization has conjointly inhaled Speed, and manages to induce her fingerprint before collapsing when the drug’s result wears off. On restitution consciousness, he finds out that Love has already left for Bharat. He then uses the fingerprints to open the kill switch activation device, deactivates Meera’s kill switch and kills all of Love’s henchmen, together with those piloting the plane. The plane crashes into an overseas jungle, killing Love, destroying the Speed shipments and therefore averting a serious terrorism.

One month later, Akhilan and Meera square measure seen enjoying a vacation cruise sponsored by the govt of Asian nation as a bequest for killing Love. when discussing their future plans regarding having babies, Akhilan reveals he has unbroken a Speed inhalator and inhales it.

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