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Karan Arjun may be a 1995 Indian action drama film major Salman Khan, monarch Rukh Khan, Raakhee, Mamta Kulkarni, Kajol, Amrish Puri, Aashif swayer and Ranjeet. The film was directed by Rakesh Roshan and written by Sachin Bhowmick, Ravi Kapoor and Anwar Khan. Karan Arjun may be a mixture of associate degree upbeat Bollywood musical, associate degreed an action motion picture, with spiritual overtones. it had been the second highest-grossing Indian film of 1995, once Dilwale Dulhania autoimmune disease Jayenge, that conjointly marked monarch Rukh Khan and Kajol.

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Durga Singh (Raakhee) may be a poor lady raising her 2 beloved sons Karan Singh (Salman Khan), the elder and Arjun Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), the younger. once Munim of associate degree aging Thakur involves ask Durga, Karan and Arjun learn that their father is dead. Durga reveals that their father was the Thakur’s son, WHO had married her against his father’s desires. Durjan Singh (Amrish Puri), a relative of Thakur, killed Durga’s husband to stop him, Durga, or their sons from heritable the Thakur’s estate. Karan and Arjun learn from her that the dying Thakur needs to present his estate to his grandchildren before dying because it is their birthright.

Durjan kills Thakur revealing to him that he had killed his son all those years past and once he learns of his plans to deliver the estate to Karan and Arjun. He then savagely murders each Karan and Arjun by ambushing them with the assistance of his brothers-in law Nahar (Arjun) and Shamsher (Jack Gaud) before of Durga. Durga cannot settle for that her sons have died and prays to deity Kali to bring them back. Miraculously, Durga’s prayers area unit detected and her sons area unit regenerate, however into completely different families with no data of their past lives – Durga is unaware of this miracle. For twenty years she keeps persuading the individuals of her village that Karan and Arjun can return. Durjan and his family mockingly provide her garlands to place on the image of Karan and Arjun. Durga vows to put the garlands over their dead bodies.

Arjun is reincarnated as Vijay. He falls loving with the rich Sonia (Kajol), however neither is aware of that Sonia is to marry Durjan Singh’s son, Suraj (Aashif Sheikh). Karan is reincarnated as Ajay. He before long works for Saxena (Ranjeet), Sonia’s father and Durjan’s partner in his contraband arms commerce business. Karan and Arjun still have nightmares regarding their deaths in previous lives. On learning regarding Vijay, Suraj makes an attempt to kill him, however winds up burning the farm of Arjun’s Uncle. At Sonia and Suraj’s engagement party, Vijay arrives and attacks Suraj. Ajay is shipped to kill Vijay and also the 2 begin fighting.

Durga is given a signal of this once the icon of her sons falls. She rushes to the temple and prays to deity Kali. Vijay and Ajay suddenly stop fighting once a bolt of lightning strikes them. Saxena tries to shoot Vijay, however Ajay stops him while shouting for Arjun to run. this is often one thing that Ajay had aforementioned to Vijay in their previous births once he was being attacked by Nahar. Ajay is shipped to jail whereas Vijay escapes. Vijay is confused regarding the incident, largely as a result of he had dreamt of someone oral communication those precise words to him. Sonia is forcibly taken to Durjan’s house to marry Suraj. She writes to Vijay beggary him to return and rescue her.

Vijay and his friend Linghaiyya (Johnny Lever) jaunt save Sonia. everyone WHO sees him is surprised and calls him Arjun. He finally remembers his past life and reunites with Durga, wherever he gets to understand regarding his brother Karan, WHO is currently Ajay. Vijay saves Ajay and explains the total scenario. Ajay refuses to believe, however once Durjan’s brothers-in-law attack Durga, he remembers his previous life. Durjan hears regarding Karan and Arjun’s come back, however refuses to believe it, thus his brothers-in-law conceive to bring them before him. within the method, they’re killed by Ajay and Vijay during a similar approach as they killed Karan and Arjun and Durga places the garlands over their dead bodies.

At the village temple of deity Kali, rituals area unit command for Sonia and Suraj’s wedding. Karan and Arjun frighten Durjan by convincing him that they’re back. Soon, Saxena and Durjan have a severance, once that a fearful Saxena tells Sonia to run away with Vijay. Sonia meets Vijay, however even as everyone helps them, Durjan and Saxena arrive, creating them understand that it had been a maneuver. Ajay succeeds in making a diversion, material possession Vijay and Sonia escape. Vijay kills Suraj, upon that Durjan kills Saxena during a match of rage.

After all his henchmen area unit killed, Durjan makes an attempt to kill Karan and Arjun. They overpower him. He runs to Durga and begs her for forgiveness. However, she orders her sons to kill him for revenge. they are doing thus and Durga places the garland over his body, fulfilling the guarantees she created to him. Later, at deity Kali’s temple, Arjun marries Sonia and Karan marries his love Bindiya (Mamta Kulkarni), once that Durga places the bangles her sons gave her on her daughters-in-law’s wrists, as she secure Karan and Arjun twenty years past and also the family is finally reunited.

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