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Khakee (English translation: The Uniform) may be a 2004 Indian neo-noir action-thriller film directed by Rajkumar Santoshi and written by Santoshi and Sridhar Raghavan. The film tells the story of Associate in Nursing Indian police team on a mission to escort Associate in Nursing suspect terrorist from alittle city in Maharashtra to Mumbai.[3]

The film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Aishwarya Rai within the lead roles. Lara Dutta seems as a bar dancer within the song Aisa Jadoo. The film discharged on twenty three Gregorian calendar month 2004 to widespread crucial acclaim and went on to become one in all the highest-grossing Hindi films of the year.[4]

Manish Gajjar wrote for the BBC, “This thrilling piece of screenland celluloid has all the ingredients of a position of the seat heroic tale. Veteran actor, Amitabh Bachchan takes full credit for his add this film. He relives his angry young man image all over again. Technically, Khakee excels within the action sequences, set styles and innovative camera movements.” The film was later remade in Telugu as Satyameva Jayate.

Maharashtra Police seizes an outsized amount of arms from a house within the communal riot torn city of Chandangarh. The house belongs to Dr. Iqbal Ansari (Atul Kulkarni), a Muslim doctor. The police conclude that he’s Associate in Nursing agent for ISI, and is answerable for engineering the riots. Ansari is inactive and is ready to be bestowed before a special court in Mumbai. However, the convoy of police vehicles transporting Ansari from Chandangarh is ambushed by Associate in Nursing unknown cluster. The police team manages to secure him, however suffers significant casualties.

Additional Commissioner of Police, AD.CP Naidu (Prakash Raj) assemble a team of 5 cops to bring Ansari to Mumbai in order that he could seem within the special court for the hearing. The leader of the team, DCP Anant Shrivastav (Amitabh Bachchan), is Associate in Nursing honest peace officer at the top of a unsuccessful career, as a result of he refused to bend for the corrupting forces within the system. He accepts the mission, thinking that his career can finally mean one thing and he are promoted to further Commissioner of Police in recognition of his efforts and his service. His team consists of Senior Inspector Shekhar Verma (Akshay Kumar), a corrupt cop, novice Sub-Inspector Ashwin Gupte (Tusshar Kapoor) and 2 constables, Kamlesh Sawant and Gajanan Mhatre.

Before their departure, the team catches a artist World Health Organization is making an attempt to require photos of them. he’s unconcealed to be joined to Yashwant Aangre (Ajay Devgn), World Health Organization is spying on the team. Aangre kills the artist and his entire family by linking explosives to their telephone’s receiver so as to destroy any links the police would possibly discover between himself and also the artist.

When the team reaches Chandangarh, the police receives a decision from a faculty teacher named Mahalakshmi (Aishwarya Rai), World Health Organization suspects that the individuals living on school’s property square measure terrorists. The team accompanies the native police to seek out a dead body within the terrorists’ area. after they raid the area, the phone rings, however Anant ensures that nobody answers it, and discovers a bomb joined to the phone, set to travel off once anyone answered it. He additionally finds proof that the cluster staying there had data regarding their travel plans, that prompts him to alter them.

Back at the station house, Ansari’s mother (Tanuja) and son come back to envision Anant, and plead with him to confirm that Ansari reaches the court, rather than killing him on the way. aghast to listen to this, Anant guarantees her that she is going to see her son in court. Anant then receives a decision from Aangre, World Health Organization seems to understand him. Anant is unable to recognise him, and every one makes an attempt to trace the decision fail. He hears the voices of his adult female and girl on the road, however it seems that it’s a recording that Aangre compete to scare him.

The team, together with Mahalakshmi, leaves for Mumbai by road, solely to seek out the route blocked by a pile-up. They commit to take a dust track to bypass the pile-up, however realize their approach blocked by an especially jam-pawncked kine honest. whereas making an attempt to clear a path for the convoy, Anant gets a decision from Aangre, World Health Organization is gift at the scene in disguise. Anant spots him and chases him through the honest together with Ashwin Gupte. Shekhar Verma, realising that the place was excellent for Associate in Nursing ambush, ensures that nobody gets close to the van carrying Ansari.

Aangre causes a stampede, and Anant fails to catch him. because the team carries on, Shekhar realises that he left the auto unguarded whereas he was making an attempt to protect the van. He pulls over and sees a bomb connected to very cheap of the auto. He makes positive that everybody gets far from it in time, however the auto explodes, and also the undulation of the blast causes injury to the van’s engine.

The team pushes the van to a secluded house off the route, wherever they commit to keep till they repair the van. Anant calls Naidu to appraise him of the events, and tells him their location in order that he will send a police team. At the house, as Anant is making an attempt to work out World Health Organization the person at the honest was, he remembers Aangre, an especially corrupt and remorseless ex-cop, World Health Organization was thrown off the force and confined once Anant caught him killing 5 innocent men.

The team sees a black Maria outside, and assume that it’s the rescue team, however it seems to be Aangre’s men. once many minutes of significant firing, that completely depletes the team’s ammunition, Aangre’s men drop off the body of the constable World Health Organization was making an attempt to repair the black Maria, together with a message at hand Ansari over to them. Shekhar, realising that there’s no different, grabs Ansari and tries at hand him over, however Anant stands in his approach. there’s a disagreement between the 2, within which Shekhar accuses Anant of being a useless cop who’s about to get all of them killed due to his idealistic principles.

The argument reaches a degree wherever Anant and Ashwin have their guns trained on Shekhar. At now, Ansari breaks down and tells them that the terrorists square measure there to kill him, not free him. He goes on to reveal that he was Associate in Nursing honest national living in Chandangarh together with his family once a journalist, Bhaskar Joshi, came to him and unconcealed that the communal riots were truly designed by minister Deodhar, World Health Organization killed off many social staff World Health Organization had compiled proof that would’ve place him in jail for a protracted time. Bhaskar was in possession of the file containing the proof, and wished Ansari to offer him the post-mortem reports of the social staff in order that he might expose Deodhar. However, Bhaskar was killed before he might do this, and Ansari began to receive threatening calls asking him at hand over the file of proof against Deodhar. once he refused to work, corrupt cops destroyed his house, killing most of his family, and framed him as a terrorist.

Meanwhile, Aangre and his men enter the house and hold everybody at point, except Shekhar and Ashwin, World Health Organization manage to sneak Ansari to the warehouse connected to the house. As his men try and realize them, Aangre tells Anant that his plan of revenge is to require away what matters the foremost to Anant – honour and dignity – as a result of they mean far more to him than his life. Aangre’s men find the warehouse, however after they enter, they see many LPG cylinders, that Ashwin shoots at from outside, inflicting Associate in Nursing explosion that kills a number of Aangre’s men. The team manages to induce into the black Maria, however as they are driving away, Aangre manages to shoot Ansari, World Health Organization gets gravely battle-scarred. Anant then receives a decision from Naidu, World Health Organization accidentally lets slip that he is aware of that Ansari has been shot. Anant realises that Naidu is really a corrupt cop operating for Deodhar, and he was answerable for giving Aangre data regarding their travel plans at each flip.

The team takes Ansari to a hospital in an exceedingly settlement, wherever the doctors manage to save lots of him, however declare that his condition is kind of serious. Anant tells his team that they are liberal to leave, since the terribly those that sent them on the mission don’t wish them to succeed. He tells them that he has set to travel on right until the top. Shekhar apologises for his or her disagreement the night before, and says that he would accompany Anant right until the top, if solely to create up for being a corrupt cop. the remainder of the team additionally decides to travel with him.

The native police conclude regarding the team and convey them over to station house, telling them that they need orders to alleviate them and take control of Ansari. Anant provides the officer responsible a fiery speech regarding however improbably corrupt the force is, and the way politicians like Deodhar will go away with something solely as a result of cops like Naidu do their bidding. The officer decides to assist them, and tells Naidu on the phone that they’ve inactive the incorrect individuals.

At now, Deodhar and Naidu come back up with a concept to show the native public against the police team by declaring in an exceedingly news conference that the team has gone scalawag and is currently responsive to ISI. Seeing the news on tv, many locals gather at the hospital and threaten to kill Ansari. Anant confronts them head on, and tells them that they are doing not recognize what the reality is, and square measure getting used by corrupt politicians for his or her personal gain.

They manage to induce away to a railroad station, wherever they are alleged to catch a service train to require them to Mumbai. Aangre and his men arrive on the train, however the team has taken precautions. Constable Kamlesh drives far from the station within the black Maria as a decoy. Aangre and his men hearth at the van, thinking that the team is in it, however Shekhar manages to require management of the train, and also the team boards it whereas engaged in an exceedingly fighting with the terrorists. Kamlesh stops the van getting ready to the tracks and tries to catch the train, however fails and is shot dead by Aangre.

Upon reaching Mumbai, once Ansari is being carried into the hospital, the doctors realise that he has succumbed to his injuries and died. His mother, thinking that Anant did specifically what she begged him to not do, slaps him before of a number of reporters before he will justify things to her. The team but, provides Ansari a correct burial, and declare to the media that the case isn’t over.

Enraged by Anant’s statement to the media, Deodhar invitations him over and tells him to toe the road, however Anant refuses to bend. Later, the team tracks down journalist Bhaskar’s son, World Health Organization has inadvertently had the placement of the file is right along. Shekhar and Mahalakshmi visit the grand post workplace and recover the file, however Aangre ambushes them. once a fight, Shekhar hands the file to Mahalakshmi and tells her to require it to Anant, whereas he stays back to fight Aangre’s men. However, he’s lured into a structure wherever it’s unconcealed that Mahalakshmi is really Aangre’s girlfriend and was planted on the team by him to seek out out wherever the file is. Aangre’s men viciously shoot down Shekhar, however not before he places a decision to Anant, holding him recognize that Mahalakshmi was a undercover agent.

Anant and Ashwin manage to trace Aangre down by following Mahalakshmi. in an exceedingly fighting, Aangre uses Mahalakshmi as a protect and he or she dies. Anant chases Aangre and manages to surround him with an outsized variety of cops. angry by the horrors Aangre has inflicted throughout, Anant beats him unconscious before he’s control back by the force.

Armed with compelling proof from the file, the court is in a position to convict Aangre, Deodhar, and Naidu. On the thanks to jail in an exceedingly black Maria, Aangre sees that the bolts holding his handcuffs are literally loose. Breaking free, he grabs a rifle and attacks the constable within the van. Ashwin jumps out of the van to seek out Aangre inform a rifle at him. Aangre pulls the trigger, however there aren’t any bullets within the gun. He puts the shoot and surrenders with a smirk, however Ashwin shoots Aangre doubly, and shows him the screws of the bolts, indicating that they were deliberately removed. Ashwin instructs the constable to stage the scene so calls a senior officer to mention that Aangre has been fatally wounded whereas making an attempt to flee from custody.

The Hindu daily mentioned; “It’s the director’s show all the approach. Khakee is nice proof of what good writing will do to a movie – the pair of Rajkumar Santoshi and Shridhar Raghavan, merit all the credit for packing the punches the film delivers. a bit pace is lost within the half due to the dialogues, song and dance, however because of high production values and attractive star charm, you actually do not feel the length – two hours and fifty four minutes. Associate in Nursing aging Amitabh Bachchan is 1st rate together with his trademark delivery. Akshay Kumar provides the comic relief together with his ‘I’m cool’ sexy makes an attempt to woo Aishwarya [Rai] and Tusshar [Kapoor] plays the foil to his seniors – a neat essay”.

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