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Lajja (English:Shame) may be a 2001 Indian social drama film directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. The film relies on the plight of girls in Asian country. The film satirises the honour with that girls area unit placed in society and therefore the restrictions on them. the very fact that the four women’s names (Maithili, Janki, Ramdulaari, and Vaidehi) area unit all versions of Sita, the perfect Hindu woman’s name, may be a message in itself. Manisha Koirala is that the main protagonist of this film.

The film was a flop at the box workplace in Asian country[2] however was an advertisement success outside India.[3]

Rekha and Madhuri Dixit were appointed for the Filmfare Best Supporting actor Award,[4] whereas Madhuri Dixit won the letter of the alphabet Cine Award for Best Actor in a very Supporting Role – feminine award for her performance.

Vaidehi (Manisha Koirala) lives along with her husband Raghu (Jackie Shroff). On the surface, she lives a complicated life, however behind closed doors, her husband is abusive and has extracurricular affairs. once she takes a symbolize herself, she is banished from the unit. She goes back to her parents’ house however they too reject her. Vaidehi shortly finds out that she is pregnant.

Raghu gets into a automotive accident, which ends in him being unable to father a toddler. once he discovers that Vaidehi is pregnant, he calls her, faking ruefulness, and asks for her to come back. Vaidehi agrees, thinking Raghu has mended his ways that. Raghu and his father plot for the kid to become their heir and if Vaidehi intervenes, she’s going to be killed. Meanwhile, Vaidehi is knowing by an exponent regarding Raghu’s true intentions, so she escapes from his henchmen. She is helped by Raju (Anil Kapoor), a petty, however kind crook. He hears Vaidehi’s story and offers her cash from his heist to assist. to cover from Raghu and his henchmen, Vaidehi gatecrashes a marriage procession.

At the marriage, she meets Maithili (Mahima Chaudhry), a betrothed from a bourgeois family. Maithili is marrying a person United Nations agency hails from a chic background. the 2 girls witness Maithili’s father being hassled by demands for associate degree sumptuous wedding, that he cannot afford, and is forced to pay gift. Vaidehi tries to persuade Raju to grant his cash from the heist. He at the start refuses however ever-changing his mind, he returns to grant his heist cash to Vaidehi. The groom’s friend tries to rape Maithili. because the bridal ceremony progresses, one in all the guest recognises the heist cash that at the start belonged to him. Moreover, the groom’s friend tells the groom’s family that he noticed a person (Raju) in Maithili’s area. Maithili is suspect of getting sexual relations with Raju reciprocally for cash, that leads Raju to simply accept his stealing because the state of affairs worsens. Having tolerated enough, Maithili insults the groom’s family and that they fly the coop from the marriage.

Meanwhile, Vaidehi is found by Raghu, and compelled into going with him. On the way, they encounter a protest mob. Raghu gets out of the automotive, which provides Vaidehi the prospect to flee. She arrives in Haripur, alittle city, wherever she meets Janki (Madhuri Dixit), a theatre actor crazy along with her colleague. Janki is pregnant, however not married. She does not look after society’s norms. She is lusted when by the supervisor, Puroshottam (Tinu Anand), associate degree older man United Nations agency keeps his better half, Lata (Jaya Bhattacharya), confined to their house. Puroshottam talks against Janki to her lover, that creates a rift between them. She is asked to abort the kid by her lover, as he suspects that he may not be the $64000 father, indirectly accusive Janki of getting sexual relations with the supervisor. Janki is angry and messes up a scene throughout a performance of the Ramayan. This ends up in associate degree outcry from the audience and she or he is maltreated by the audience, resulting in her having a miscarriage. Vaidehi confronts Puroshottam, United Nations agency threatens to decision her husband. However, Lata intervenes and takes Vaidehi to the station and puts her on a train.

The train is robbed by bandits however the passengers area unit saved by Bhulwa (Ajay Devgn), an area stealer. Vaidehi faints at the sight of blood, and Bhulwa takes her to the native accoucheuse, Ramdulaari (Rekha). Ramdulaari courageously opposes the village leaders Virendra (Gulshan Grover) and Gajendra (Danny Denzongpa) United Nations agency exploit innocent girls, young and previous. once her educated son Prakash (Sharman Joshi), United Nations agency is attempting to teach the villagers against the needs of Virendra and Gajendra, falls crazy with Gajendra’s female offspring, Sushma (Aarti Chhabria), all hell breaks loose. Gajendra trickily locks Ramdulaari in her house and sets intent on notice Prakash. once Prakash runs away with Sushma, Virendra and Gajendra, along side their goons, rape Ramdulaari and burn her alive. in a very match of rage, Bhulwa and his army kill Virendra and his goons. Vaidehi escapes with Sushma and Prakash.

Gajendra is creating a move in politics, therefore once he’s applauded by the native authorities, Vaidehi intervenes and exposes Gajendra as a criminal and fraud through a heart-wrenching speech, that drives all the ladies within the audience to assault Gajendra, United Nations agency is later killed by Bhulwa. The speech changes Raghu’s perspective towards Vaidehi and he decides to fix his ways that. the 2 come back to the big apple as a correct family unit. Vaidehi offers birth to a female offspring United Nations agency is called Ramdulaari. She meets Raju once more, United Nations agency is currently a taxi driver and married to Maithili. She invitations him to a charity dance show with Janki within the main role, whereby all the money from her shows goes to fund women’s organisations in Asian country.

The songs were principally composed by Anu leader. A. R. Rahman was at the start signed in because the composer; then again he opted out; when he got extraordinarily busy together with his international assignment, city Dreams.[5] Then, the background score for the flick was done by Illayaraja. Lyrics of all songs were conjointly written by Sameer, except those of “Kaun Dagar Kaun Shehar”, that were written by Prasoon Joshi. This song was conjointly composed by Illayaraja and was sung by Lata Mangeshkar. in keeping with the Asian countryn trade web site Box workplace India, with around thirteen,00,000 units sold-out, this film’s sound recording album was the year’s fifteenth highest-selling.

The film received mixed reviews but the performances from the lead actors were extremely praised.[7][8]

Bollywood Hungama gave a rating of 2 and [*fr1] out of 5 stars and aforementioned “On the entire, Lajja may be a purposeful film at intervals industrial parameters and therefore the better part is that the Indian lots are going to be ready to establish with the goings-on. associate degree desirable star forged, a proficient director and a wonderful last half area unit amongst its robust points.”[9] The Hindu expressed “Unfortunately, this vibrant film may be a black-and-white disappointment, notably within the last half once Santoshi loses track of his story and in a very blatant bid to induce the tax-exempt certificate brings in bits regarding laptop education, feminine accomplishment and infanticide.”.[10] The BBC gave a positive review speech communication “The film is well directed, wonderful songs, though they ought to have had a lot of realistic fights.”

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