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Monica may be a 2011 screenland flick with Divya Dutta, Ashutosh genus Rana and Rajit Kapur within the lead roles and made by ghazal singer Anup Jalota and Kush Bhargava.[1][2] it’s directed by Sushen Bhatnagar and is impressed from world incidents appreciate the Shivani Bhatnagar murder case and therefore the 2G spectrum case.

The film traces the story of Monica Jaitley (Divya Dutta), UN agency is associate degree formidable lady UN agency desires to rise to the highest at any price. She has had a tormented life as a baby as she was sexually abused in her chiildhood. departure her horrid past behind, she falls gaga with journalist rule Jaitley (Rajit Kapoor). they are doing get married; but have associate degree sad married life. She becomes a journalist herself and this creates a rift between them. The story traces her rise to the highest and therefore the compromises she winds up creating and its impact on her personal life.

Mahesh Bhatt tweeted, “Monica may be a brave film, and Divya Dutta bears her soul on the screen like Shabana Azmi once did within the flick Arth”.[5] gave it a 0.5 star and a awfully candid review – “On the entire, Monica may be a boring show and can not be able to prove itself at the price tag windows. reverberant flop!” [6] gave it one.5/5 and their final wrestle the flick was “The hotchpotch film may be a disappointment. MONICA, no my darling!” [3]

Indian specific review – “Monica has the intention, and one or two of effective performances, however does not maintain with its execution.” [4]

Hindustan Times – Mayank Shekhar gave it 1/5 stars [7]

The Times of India gave it 3/5 stars and an honest review – “Don’t be mislead by the title and do not be foxed by the low key content. This one’s really a surprise. Check it out.”

Public Prosecutor Mathur names associate degree defendant, Sandeep Mishra, and 3 alternative suspects UN agency had organized the kill of Lucknow-based journalist Monica. The trio square measure Aseem Ray – a flush publisher; Pamela Grewal – a businesswoman; and Chandrakant Pandit – the previous telecommunication Minister and soon-to-be Chief Minister of state. With odds stacked heavily against him, Mathur presents, what’s a clear specific case before a feminine decide, and should prove on the far side an inexpensive shadow of doubt, that Sandeep was directly concerned – albeit evidence indicates that the murder was committed by 2 unknown males, which the deceased victim lived a twin life.

It’s sensible to visualize that screenland is creating additional attention-grabbing films that square measure impressed by world individuals and incidents. 2011 started with ‘No One Killed Jessica’ supported the murder of model Jessica Lal and currently Sushen Bhatnagar offers ‘Monica’ that is loosely supported the murder of journalist Shivani Bhatnagar. The film may be a fusion of a room drama – political heroic tale. whereas the combo itself is sweet the narrative structure is confusing {at times|sometimes|from time to time|occasionally|now and therefore then|every now and then} largely thanks to the uneven piece of writing and the speedy shift back and forth in time. The pacing is additionally slow sometimes.

Some of the dialogues (especially within the room sequences) seem silly whereas some square measure all right written, particularly attorney Mathur’s final clarification of however the businessman, the politician and therefore the chief editor took advantage of Monica. I conjointly likable however Bhatnagar has tried to portray his main characters square measure humans instead of cold purebred evil beings or saints albeit some characters may are higher developed.

The execution is usually modest. Less use of adds to the gloomy feel of ‘Monica’. The sound effects square measure guilty here largely as a result of there’s no background sound in any respect (where there ought to be) or it’s too clearly filtered and sometimes, the voices of the actors sounds clearly recorded.

‘Monica’ is Divya Dutta’s film. this can be one amongst those rare times that she gets a lead role that will full justice to her talents and he or she is colossal. Ashutosh genus Rana too will well as he subtly plays the conniving politician. Kitu Gidwani and Yashpal Sharma square measure terribly effective severally because the lesbian businessman and therefore the fiery attorney.

This isn’t a straightforward film to look at. the foremost unsettling sequence is that the rape that takes place close to the top. The scene is not graphic however the protagonist’s despair, despair and helplessness that bring her fully underneath the management of this filth of society UN agency has invariably lusted when her (and been rejected) and currently seeks his chance and nonetheless doesn’t keep his word.

With some tightness in piece of writing and writing (which is incredibly vital for this type of film), ‘Monica’ may have overcome its flaws. Yet, it engages and therefore the solid performances keep one concerned.

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