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A guest tries to remain within the house of a person WHO cannot kill him unless he is outside, due to basic cognitive process guest to be up to God. Son of Sardar was a typical bran-less , nonsensical somebody that can be a time-pass if you’ve got least expectation from the moving-picture show and ofcouse if you do not have something to try to to.

Jassi ( Ajay Devgan) is contacted by his native folks that he has transmitted associate degree ancestral land from his father in geographical area. He should reach Republic of India straightaway to sell it to continue living lavishly in London however to his surprise , he’s entangled in age previous family feud with the Sandhus. Once he reaches geographical area, he should fight his solution before getting into to the hands of deadly Billu sandhus

Directed by Ashwin Dhar , SOS starts off with Ajay Devgan displaying his histrionics by riding on 2 horses( replaying his introduction role of Phool aur Kannte) , doing routine song and dance and meeting his Punjabi kudi ( Sonakshi Sinha). Once Sanjay Dutt enters the scene , the interaction between him and Ajay Devgan is humourous. However , the film loses the steam after and leaves no impact at the later reel. In fact , it becomes unendurable that you just would like you’ll press the forward button . Direction is lame with minute specialise in script in any respect. generally you {are feeling|you’re feeling} that you just are observance some previous 90’s cinema with typical masala ingredients to create a blockbuster moving-picture show. motion-picture photography is economical. Action scenes ar humourous and bigger than life. Art direction is nice. Dialogues ar concerning OK. Ajay and Sanjay ar the soul of the film and that they build it watchable otherwise that i’d decision a tragedy. Sonakshi Sinha repeats herself. Music by Himesh Reshamiya is nice. I likeable the ” Raja Rani” and ” Pon Pon” songs that ar the dance numbers.

SOS may be a moving-picture show that has no story , no direction and easily no script. As i discussed , it’s simply a median time pass due to fantastic chemistry between Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt.

First and foremost, i’d wish to say i’m a moving-picture show buff. i favor every kind of genres from Comedy to Drama, Horror to Romance. One assume i’d wish to say is that if you wish solely ‘Art House’ films then i’d recommend you do not watch it. however if you are a moving-picture show buff I recommend you to look at it together with your friends & family particularly throughout merry season.Because in today’s time its very exhausting to search out a movie that doesn’t have any vulgar materials/scenes/jokes what you cannot watch together with your family in movie industry. The film starts in London wherever Jassi(Ajay Devgn) lives along with his pathan friend Salman Khan.Jassi came to grasp that he includes a land in Republic of India that govt desires to shop for.He transmitted that land from his father.but later he conjointly came to grasp that his father had a fight with sandhu family.His father killed Sandhu families player & he killed Jassi’s father.but he set to travel to Republic of India & sell his property while not obtaining noticed by them.But sadly he finished up having lunch with the Sandhu family in their own house.They came to grasp that Jassi is their enemy of whom they were looking ahead to years.But Sandhu family includes a culture of not fighting with any guests whereas they’re within the house.So,they anticipate Jassi to travel outside of the house.Later, Jassi came to grasp that.He will some funny things to remain the maximum amount as potential. there’s a story conjointly goes with the flow.Sukhmeet (Sonakshi Sinha) meets Jassi within the train.She’s the sister of Sandhu (Sanjay Dutt). currently i’m gonna indicate the positive & negative things:: POSITIVES : A wholesome somebody, A merry season Film to look at with Fnfs, Juhi Chawla (as Sanjay Dutt’s ‘mu boli biwi’),action sequences, Bichdann song, Salman Khan Ajay ‘Singham’ Devgn NEGATIVES : A unintelligent humor that few ‘artistic cinema lovers’ do not like, a pair of songs ought to be better(as Himesh was the Music Director) P.S – do not fu**ing compare with JTHJ as each ar various genres.

I went out with my friends on the Diwali evening to look at this movie industry moving-picture show. The moving-picture show is dangerous in several aspects and worse in others. it’s simply another “Bollywood comedies” that have sprung up within the recent past that tries to tickle your funny bones with the non-sense spoken language that solely preschool youngsters would build. a number of the dialogues are recurrent too over and over than needed. The moving-picture show has been interspersed with illogical and peculiar action sequences that are complemented by camera work that ar unpleasant to the human eyes. On prime of this, the presence of songs makes one pull one’s hair in dismay. it’s like tiny-tots are asked to supply some moving-picture show during a budget of $15 million. What a waste of cash it is! The moving-picture show is exhausting, painfully loud, means too long that will no sensible work however makes the moving-picture show observance expertise extraordinarily unpleasant.

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Son of Sardaar 2012 Hindi Full Movie Download Web-Dl 720p